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I can imagine this place.

I can imagine this place –
like I’ve been here before.
It’s been a while, but not much more?

I can imagine this place –
It’s high in the hills, but right on a lake.
The hike up here took a while, so I need a break.

I can imagine this place –
The smell of wood smoke is heavy in the air.
And, fresh-made muffins…with bacon to spare?

I can imagine this place –
The dew in the morning falls cold on my hands,
but it tastes like salty ocean and fresh meadowlands.

I can imagine this place –
The waves like breath, as they rise and they fall,
and your quiet laughter just beneath it all.

I can imagine this place –
I can hear our names like they’re whispers on the wind.
It feels like it was made just for me and my best friend.

Oh, now I remember, I’ve been to this place –
My memories and my life all playing in reverse,
You’ve been here too, but this time I’m first.

I can imagine this place –
And, you’ll be here soon, just like before.
So, I’ll leave a light for you, down by the shore.


  • Greyson Shore

    Greyson Shore is a writer and photographer who lives along the beautiful Oregon Coast among the ancient Sitka Spruce forests, the misty mountains, and the soothing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Shore Greyson

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