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Would you like to share your story or experience from the perspective of a resident or visitor to the Oregon Coast? We are looking to share inspiring, educational, entertaining, human-centric stories with our readers. If you have something you’d to share with us for consideration for publication, please fill our this form to get started.

We accept stories of any kind for review, however, here are our main categories to help you understand what type of content we create:

  1. “Coastal Cuisine”: Feature a different restaurant, cafe, or food truck that is a favorite among locals on the coast. Share photos, descriptions of the dishes, and interviews with the owners or chefs.
  2. “Beaches and Trails”: Highlight a different beach or trail in the area. Share information about the location, including the best times to visit, any amenities or facilities available, and tips for enjoying the area.
  3. “Local Culture”: Explore the unique cultural events and traditions of the coast, such as music festivals, art shows, and historical landmarks. Share interviews with locals and photos or videos of the events.
  4. “Wildlife and Nature”: Share insights and stories about the diverse wildlife and nature of the coast, such as whale watching, bird watching, and tide pooling.
  5. “Community Spotlight”: Feature a different community or town on the coast, highlighting the local businesses, events, and personalities that make each place unique.
  6. “Outdoor Adventures”: Showcase the various outdoor activities available on the coast, such as kayaking, fishing, and surfing. Provide tips and insights for visitors and locals looking to try out these activities.
  7. “Local History”: Share stories and insights into the history of the coast, including the Native American cultures, the history of the logging and fishing industries, and the role of the coast in Oregon’s development.
  8. “Health and Wellness”: Share experiences and insights into alternative treatments for mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Please note: We gladly accept submissions from our readers for consideration for publication. If you would like to submit your contact information to us but keep the story anonymous you can do this as well. Simply indicate this using the form. We cannot publish every story that is submitted, however, we do review every story submitted. Due to many different reasons, some submissions cannot be shared on our website. No matter the content or if we end up publishing, we want you to know that we appreciate your sharing your stories and experiences with us.

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