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Crab Snaring on the Oregon Coast


Looking down at the carapace of a male Dungeness crab in a crab trap on a wharf in Sechelt, British-Columbia

Crab snaring is a method of capturing crabs, typically for the purpose of harvesting them for food. This can be done using a variety of methods, including traps, nets, or by hand.

One common method of crab snaring is the use of baited traps. These are cages or containers with bait inside, designed to attract crabs. When a crab enters the trap to feed on the bait, it becomes trapped and can be easily removed.

Another method of crab snaring is the use of nets. These can be cast out into the water and then dragged along the bottom to catch crabs. The size and type of net used will depend on the species of crab being targeted, as well as the location and conditions.

Crab snaring can also be done by hand, although this method is more labor-intensive and requires a certain amount of skill and experience. In this method, the snarer will use their hands or a tool to carefully dig into the sand or mud, looking for hidden crabs. Once a crab is located, it can be carefully grabbed and removed from its hiding place.

Overall, crab snaring is a popular and effective way of harvesting crabs for food. It can be done using a variety of methods and can be a sustainable and responsible way of obtaining this delicious seafood.

Assorted Dungeness crab legs with butter mustard sauce and fresh lemons.


  • Greyson Shore

    Greyson Shore is a writer and photographer who lives along the beautiful Oregon Coast among the ancient Sitka Spruce forests, the misty mountains, and the soothing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

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